About Us

IMG_6229What is CRoP?

CRoP (Community Rites of Passage, Tasmania) is a community organisation that delivers Rites of Passage programs for young people. Through a variety of 2-4 day camp programs for various age groups, we encourage families on a journey of discovery through heart communication and sacred space. Through sharing circles, creative processes, outdoor challenges and community rituals, we facilitate growth and empowerment for young people and their families. 

What are Rites of Passage (RoP)?

‘For thousands of years, Indigenous and traditional communities recognised the importance of supporting individuals to transition safely from one stage of life to another through Rites of Passage. Marking these transitions were seen as fundamental in the growth, connectedness and health of an individual and community. In modern society, the need for programs that help equip young people with the confidence and tools to tackle the adventure and challenges that lie ahead are more critical than ever’ (The Rites of Passage Institute, 2020).

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to live in a world where communities are consciously engaged in Rites of Passage programs for their young people.

Our Purposes and Objectives

Through our camp programs, as well as the lead up and follow up surrounding these programs, we aim to:

  • Empower young people through the development of their self-love, self-acceptance, self-respect and inner-strength.
  • Create a space for young people to develop their responsibility, conscientiousness, curiosity, creativity and care. 
  • Develop a sense of connection and love for the land and nature through experience based learning.
  • Build a sense of community, connection, support and belonging, both for younger and older participants.

Our Guiding Values

Compassion – Connectedness – Collaboration – Responsibility – Service – Integrity