Our conscious, contemporary, and community focused rite of passage acknowledges the transition of children to young adults in the presence of their families and their community. We offer gender specific programs, and tailored programs.

Community Rites of Passage (CRoP) offers the Becoming Men program, and connected programs (see Programs)

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The Becoming Men program is a facilitated, camp based rite of passage. It’s for boys 12 to 16 years and involves the whole family. The purpose of the camp is to acknowledge and celebrate the beginning of the transition of your boy to becoming a young man in a respectful, engaging and exciting way in the presence of men who have learnt good things from their life journey.

Our program has a philosophy of nonjudgemental inclusion and participation by informed choice. Our processes are gentle and respectful focusing on shared experience and the incremental take up of responsibilities pertinent to individual participants lives. This happens in an environment of mutual admiration and support.

Our programs are nondenominational.

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